Founded in 1861...

Campbell Delong, LLP was founded in 1861 by W. A. Percy, and has existed in continuous succession since that time. The firm is one of the oldest in the state of Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta.

Prominent Mississippi attorneys who have guided the firm’s development over the years include W.A. Percy, LeRoy Percy, William Alexander Percy, Hazelwood A. Farish, William C. Keady, Fred C. DeLong, Jr. and Roy D. Campbell, Jr. After starting with a local, general practice, the firm has expanded both in its size and the breadth of legal services it offers, while always adhering to the principle that providing the highest quality legal services for its clients is an obligation and a privilege.

The firm’s home, Greenville, is the largest city in northern Mississippi. It is a division site for the local federal district and bankruptcy courts. Consequently, the firm is well positioned to serve clients from diverse locales whose cases are pending in bankruptcy and federal district courts.

Outside Greenville, members of the firm regularly appear in state and federal courts across Mississippi, and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Moreover, the firm has two lawyers who practice in the field of taxation and handle matters before the U.S. Tax Court. The firm also includes counsel admitted in the state and federal courts of the adjacent state of Arkansas.

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